How long have you sat in your cubicle, under florescent lights, in a small room without windows and spent many hours daydreaming of a different life – more free, dictated by you only? How many nights did you walk in your front door after yet another long, stressful day of work with that ever-present backache, and a pressure behind your eyes and wished for something different? Have you ever wanted to throw it all to chance, quit your job, fly away from the ceaseless rountine, and run away with your dogs to an unknown future and considerable adventure?


That’s exactly what I did.

After discussing the risks and rewards extensively with my doggies, on November 6th, 2016, I walked into work and gave a month notice. That night, I told my landlord that I was leaving. As of December 15th, 2016 I will be without a brick and mortar home, and on the road with my two dogs.

In the spirit of ‘no destination’, and apparently to increase my fear of this endeavor, I have very few plans.
I have a rough idea of direction, and that’s about all.

Follow along our travels, comment, help out if you can, and enjoy the ride!

Having no destination,
I am never lost.
― Ikkyu