Destination : Home

Destination : Home

I left you off at Tucson after finding the puppy dog, Trinity – now renamed Kaya, after Kayenta, the closest town in Arizona from where I found her. 

I decided to relocate to Tucson. It made a logical sense – southwest where I love to camp and explore, university town, not too large a city but big enough to have lots to keep me entertained and fed, a good motorcycle community I could easily plug into…. But things kept not working out – rentals not returning calls or emails, bank loans falling through, Sully dog got sick and so did I… so I decided to get back to the Midwest. 

And what a greeting I received. 

somewhere in Kansas

It felt good and right. 

I spent a couple of days back in Columbia, Mo. taking care of some business, then drove down to Carbondale, IL. my hometown. 

at friend’s horse farm, Vergennes, IL. where I camped while looking for a house.

After galavanting around the country looking for a place to land, spending many nights contemplating what is the idea “home,” I came to the realization that home really is where the heart is – it’s where your people are, where there is real community and good family. 

Sully in the new backyard

I arrived in Carbondale on Wednesday, and by Friday I’d found a home. A perfect spot for me and the doggies, with a fenced backyard and doggie door and basement where I can ride my bikes down into, and driveway. It was an old friend who tipped me off to this available home, right next door to them. The owners of this rental are dear friends with a family I’ve been very close to since I was a freshman in high school.

Crab Orchard Lake, southern Illinois

Campering is so nicely simple – no yardwork or daily house frustrations, no doldrums from the same ole’ same ole’. But it also lacks the push of short and long term projects, the depth of sinking into a place for a period of time with weight and heft. 

There are benefits to both lifestyles, and now I need some projects, and the depth of long time friendships, and to dig my hands into soil and plant a garden both in my yard and in my mind. 

So, for now, I have a destination: home. 

13 thoughts on “Destination : Home

  1. Congratulations on finding a new home. I hope everything works out for you in the midwest. Enjoyed seeing you this past summer and look forward to you coming to visit in future. Wishing you the best!

  2. We were just in the area as we moved out of KY/TN area in late October. Stopped at Giant City for a night; unfortunately, dinner at the Lodge was horrible. Leftovers from lunch that were served cold, dried out chicken from sitting on a warmer. We complained, and they brought us hot food… reheated dried out chicken and lukewarm noodles instead of chilly. The return home from Makanda to KC was spectacular with tree color; everything we drove all the way to almost-North Carolina to see. What can you do?

    1. Hey Ron!
      Oh, that’s too bad. The Lodge was one of my grandma’s favorite place to go and it used to be quite good.
      But yah, this region really can be spectacular with color! Glad y’all got to experience that good part at least!

    2. I just saw your comment here, Ron!
      That so sucks. The Lodge used to be a favorite place to eat – the food was delicious ‘back home country cooking’ and the shared tables created a fun atmosphere. I’m sad to hear that it’s gone so downhill.

      Ah, the beautiful Shawnee National Forest!

      If y’all make it back through here, lemme know!

  3. Wonderful photos! I’m really glad you have a home base again. Now for the big bucks job to fall into your lap! ♥

  4. Great you made it home safely and were lucky enough to settle in so easy. FRIENDS MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE…..
    Really great to meet you at Bogs Sprjng CG in beautiful southern AZ. But: home is where the heart is…

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