Next chapter

Next chapter

I’ve been pondering this since I go back home and I think it’s time. My Kaya doggie can’t jump into the camper, nor up onto the bed because of her lack of foot and I’ve decided to buy a house ! I’ll get some other camper set up eventually – one that my gimpy dog can get into and onto the bed for snuggles. And with my wanderlust, this site and my adventure blog will continue.

I bought my Four Wheel Camper : Fleet new in 2015 from Adventure Trailers in Prescott, AZ (where I was living at the time) and took possession of it Nov 2015. I had two dogs at the time who traveled all over the place with me. 

It has some bumps but only cosmetic, except for the thermal liner.   My new dog, Kaya (short for Kayenta : http://no-destinatio…nless-they-are/ ) got scared and tore one section of it. I pulled it out and have now cloth to repair it with (thanks, Stan!), but need to find someone who can sew it for me. (the blue tape you see in pics is protecting the edges inside camper)

The Fleet is the Side Dinette model. I got most of the bells and whistles: 

  • Flush Mount Glass Top Sink/Stove Upgrade. 
  • 8′ Side Awning w/ Light, 
  • Two deep cell batteries (brand new ones as of a few months ago), 
  • New Victron battery monitor! (just download the app to your phone and you get all kinds of helpful info about your batteries.) Wasn’t cheap but totally worth it.
  • Dometic 2-way fridge 
  • Furnace
  • 160w solar on roof. 
  • Extra Fantastic Fan (2 total), 
  • Thermal Package 
  • 20 gal. fresh water tank
  • Dometic 2-way fridge
  • Yakima “Tracks Only” on Camper Roof
  • 2 10# Propane tanks
  • Mechanical Camper Jacks.
  • Rear Wall Steps. Easier access to roof. 
  • Gas Strut Roof List Assists
  • Mounting kit to Tacoma. 

I think that’s everything. If I think of something else, I’ll post up.

Here’s a link to pics

To buy this new would cost almost $30k. Mine isn’t new, but it is in very good shape with no functional issues, and nice options. I’d like to get $20k for this great traveling camper.   
Located in southern Illinois, but I have the next couplea weeks free, so we can arrange something  

Help me get a home and I’ll help you get some adventures!! 


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  1. I assume you posted in the for-sale forum on Wander the West. Sorry you won’t be campering in my back yard any time soon. Good luck with both house and camper sale.

    1. Hey Bill!
      I did post in WtW! I’m going to get some new pics today – realized this morning all the photos I put up are from when I was still living in the camper. Hahaha! Need some cleaned out pics!

      I’m considering getting a pull-behind camper, as much as I dislike trailering, Kaya could get in/out of something like that.
      We’ll see. I’ll come camp in your back yard again one of these days 😀

      Hope you are well!

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