Oct 24 : Comb Wash

Oct 24 : Comb Wash

There is a reason it’s called “Comb Ridge”


After we all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways from Valley of the Gods, Bob and I took off in our respective campers for some smaller group adventuring (small group = Bob, me and my dogs)

Comb Wash, which runs along the Comb Ridge is not only a lovely drive, but the area has ruins and a brave history. I’d like to come back and spend more time here.

It’s not a difficult drive, but there are definitely some sandy washes that could be tricksy in the wrong vehicle.


We passed two struggling motorcyclists on street bikes and after getting a couple more miles up the road, we stopped and decided to go back to see if they needed a hand, or recovery strap. As we got back into our trucks for the turn-around, the two guys rode up. We all chatted and found out that they were from England and were making the trek to Bonneville.


Bob wanted to go up to Bears Ears, so with our eyes on the weather which called for storms in near-by areas, we headed up. I seem to have a blind spot when it comes to the words “mountain” and “drive up” and found myself yet again on a steep incline with sheer drop-offs at my side. Breathe.

We made it to the top,


but clouds were filling the sky, so instead of continuing on over, we decided to go back down and find a campsite, hopefully somewhat protected from the impending storm. Getting to the top had been an exercise in fear-control for me as the road was a steep incline, full of twists and curves and sheer unprotected drop-offs. Bob reminded me how to utilize my lower gears for the drive down – a lesson I’ve learned a few times but seem to forget since I don’t use them often – and going down the hill was easy! I am still excited about that lesson and don’t think I’m likely to forget again.


First, we did a drive around Natural Bridges National MonumentĀ .



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