more Fort Walton Beach, Florida

more Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

I’ve been lazing away some days at a friend’s “cabana” in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. It’s pretty ideal and I feel luxurious hanging out at this 1960’s low profile little complex of eight single-story cabanas right on the beach. 


I’m glad I left New Orleans when I did on Sunday, because if I’d waited one more day, I’d have been driving in, and camping in that tornado storm! Yikes! As it was, the storm came through Fort Walton Beach area complete with 87+ MPH winds and multi-hour tornado watches. I had my weather radio, flashlight, headlamp, wallet, electronics, dogs, and pillows bunkered up in the kitchen here. While it has more stuff that could fall on me than the bathroom, the kitchen is the inside room. It’s a concrete brick building, so I wasn’t too terribly worried, but still…. (actually, I put all that stuff in the kitchen, then watched a movie in the front room. Luckily, the Dish and internet stayed up almost the whole time, so I just kept checking the weather online.)

Stormy weather. 


87+ mph winds do some damage

Argos was freaked out by the ocean. He kept running away from it, then after getting a little used to it, he started biting at the bubbles. But even after three days, he still isn’t very comfortable with that big moving water creature.

If there weren’t people, this would be a little paradise. 


The dogs certainly seem happy with it here.


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