Catching up – Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion

Catching up – Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion

We left Kodachrome with a promise to myself that I’ll go back again at some point. It’s so lovely and there were other hikes I wanted to do, but the rain made for seriously mushy ground.

When we were at the ranch, Argos was very excited about the horses. He is still very interested in cattle.

At some point, Argos jumped into the front seat with Pugsly and decided he wanted to ride up front too. Pugsly didn’t seem bothered by it, so he stayed for the rest of the trip. I guess the drive was dull, because the doggies fell asleep on the drive.

I stayed for two days at Bryce. The second day was spent mostly inside the camper reading because of rain and that night was another storm and we woke up to some snow.

I got a ton more photos at Bryce, but you get the idea.

I didn’t get any good photos at Zion, unfortunately. The entrance from highway 9 heading West is a great way to see the beauty a small portion of the park. There were many pull-outs, but since it was a Sunday and the only nice day forecast for the week, it was packed. I made my way slowly through to the south end and to the Watchman Campground. I secured a tent/non-hookup spot and set up. It’s a magnificent park but that drive only scratches the surface.

There is a shuttle that takes tourists to a section of the park that doesn’t allow public driving. The shuttle makes a number of stops for hiking trails, but it was too crowded for my liking. I worried about leaving the dogs for too long alone in the camper, and so I simply went on the 45 minute shuttle tour and back to the camper.

I left Zion, unfulfilled, with plans to go to the north end up around Lava Point at some point to check out that side of this fascinating place.

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