Forward motion

Forward motion

Last week, I came back to Prescott, Arizona in order to take Pugsly to her vet. I got her ashes back on Wednesday and the little container will travel with us to our new town and my new jobby job in June.

I decided it is logical to stay in here, where I have WiFi, in order to secure a home in my new town before I continue on this adventure. Or, I suppose, this is part of the adventure.

Argos and I plan to leave Prescott on Monday and head West. I’ve got about a month to roam before the Overland Expo in Flagstaff.

Today, we went to the local garden center, Watters, for “The Great Lady bug Release!”
Seemed like I kinda had to go since “Ladybug” is my nickname on my favorite campering forum. šŸ™‚

One alighted on my camera and I remembered that I also had my cell phone! (tho, for this post, I forgot that I had pics and video on my camera, and only have my two cell phone pics here. ha!)

It’s good to have fun and enjoy myself. It’s also a little difficult to not feel somewhat guilty for laughing while I’m also grieving.

But as Kurt Vonnegut wrote, “So it goes.”

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