Thoughts of Home

Thoughts of Home

Leaving Death Valley I came across a pair of coyotes. One was on the left, and the other on the right. They could not reach each other for the traffic, but eventually, the one on the left made it safely across.

It’s so beautiful out here, but a big part of me just wants to go home.
And then there are days where I just want to drive. To see the highway unfurling itself in front of me for miles upon endless miles.

I miss the days when three months stretched out like an impossible long time and I didn’t think of the end.

There’s no place like home, but home is rarely a location. Family is blood, or chosen, or both, and that can be anywhere. I decided to head east-ward.

I had an urge to get through Nevada with the same odd urgency that I had wanted to get out of California, so I hustled through and made a stop at Bonneville Speedway… Lake.
We followed a thunderstorm in and found that the Speedway had turned into a lake.

“There is no path back.”

Time to take my last month before starting my jobby job by the reigns. With my birthday impending, I decided to visit an old friend in Logan, Utah. Last time I visited with her, we went to a delicious, and oddly located, Indian restaurant.. That would be a good place to have birthday dinner!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Home

  1. Enjoying your trip so much. Sometimes you go where Jeff and I did when we were much younger. So, you see, I can live vicariously through your travels. Argos is having the time of his life. Although I know you think of sweet Pugsly with each stop, her spirit rides with you. Do you leave a wee piece of her at each stop. We’ve done that with one of our camping puggies and when we head off to Canada in August we are “taking” 2 others with us.
    Happy Trails,
    Pam & the RV Puggies :0)

    1. Hi Pam!
      I liked the idea of “leaving a wee piece of her at each stop” but I couldn’t bear to do it.
      She’s now on my mantle with a little photo of her next to the box.

      Thank you!
      pug hugs,

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