Oct 10 : Crater Lake area

Oct 10 : Crater Lake area

On advice from a fellow camperer, I took small highway 138 East from the coast through Oregon. It was drizzy most of the drive, but well worth the time. The road meandered next to a river with hills on either side, and damp fall colors all around.


We went to Crater Lake today. It’s huge, and lovely, but it was a chilly and windy late afternoon by the time we arrived so I didn’t want to linger.


We camped at a “Snow Park”  – a sanctioned dispersed campground called “Annie Creek”.



There was a couple in a Sportsmobile across the way, and young couple in a converted handicap van next to the pretty flowing stream deeper in the woods from where I was camped. We all chatted some, but mostly kept to ourselves. The young couple was taking four months to travel. They obviously didn’t have much for funding – their van was minimal. Their pride was the Engels refrigerator behind the driver seat. It is good to have a reminder that one doesn’t need a fancy camper or a ton of money to enjoy living on the road.  It was nice having  these neighbors.



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