Oct 16 : Mystic Hot Springs

Oct 16 : Mystic Hot Springs

Practically every place I visit I want to stay. I’m at Mystic Hot Springs now, trying not to worry about my camper batteries, thinking about sheep-farming, hippie living, life on the road, vanlife, city benefits, middle of nowhere tiny house on a few acres….

One of the really nice things about being on the road is that if you have a bad day one day the next day is completely and totally different. As well, like yesterday when I drove far too long and had a rather discouraging day, I had no plan for place to sleep but I didn’t freak out and found a wonderful spot outside Winnemucca, Nevada. It was the lack of tension that enabled me to do that. I had decided that since I have my house on my back even if I sleep in a parking lot somewhere and get crap sleep, the next day will be totally different so it doesn’t really matter.

Mystic Hot Springs is on the edge of Monroe, Utah. Upon approach, I pass what looks like a hippie bus graveyard and a trailer park. The signs for the Springs look hand-painted, which are quite nice, but the funky approach isn’t confidence inspiring.



I pull into the parking area and follow a sign pointing to the office.


It’s $15 for use of the Springs and $15 for camping, which includes power hookup if I want, access to bathrooms and showers. Sounds good. I pay and get set up, with a nice little park on one side, and the hippie bus graveyard on the other. On second thought, the busses might be residences. They might not drive anywhere, but cool looking places to stay


When I walk up to the springs, I’m greeted by a welcoming committee. I keep my distance.


There are two larger “group” tubs on the lower area, the smaller of the two (on the left, closer to the building) is the warmer and where I ended up spending most of my time.


A short walk up some steps reveals three bath tubs with view out over the property and out a ways.

Made for a nice sunset view. These tubs were more like bath-temperature, but still quite relaxing.


Up a little higher are two more bathtubs. I didn’t get to try those because they were occupied when I was there.

I settled in, and soaked up some relaxation.



I spent most of the evening in the tubs, and ended up in the larger one down below watching the sky darken. That night a wind storm whipped up, and from inside the camper it seemed like all hell had broken loose outside. I thought I heard the wind trying to lift my solar panel, but it could also have been my abundant imagination.

The next morning proved that no destruction had happened.
I packed up and motored on.


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