Oct 17 : Cathedral Valley Campground

Oct 17 : Cathedral Valley Campground

There is no place like home. Spent some time today on my rough back road drive towards Cathedral Valley Campground wondering if I would have made better use of this time if I had gone back home instead. I would have had community and some downtime to work out the “perspective” part of this time off.

Then I realized that if I had, I’d have spent a goodly amount of time wishing I’d gone on an adventure instead, logicing that an adventure would give me perspective on full-timing and real out of my head time. I felt like Dorothy all of a sudden – “there’s no place like home” and perhaps I had to go on this adventure to find out what is important to me: community and a home base.

It’s not my home-town that I want, but Home: Community. Location.


I found out later that there are three ways to access the campground. All are 4×4 recommended, high clearance vehicle required. My route was no exception. The more common route, it seems, is to cross a wash which two days later was impassable. If you cross the Cathedral Valley to come in, you face a rocky, twisty, steep uphill. The way I came in wasn’t too bad, until closer to the campground. Then it got pretty rocky. Glad I have my very capable Tacoma!

Obviously nice road here, but the photo doesn’t capture how steep this is!


I saw a couple of these dwellings, but I’m not sure what they are. For hunters?



When I drove into the campground I spotted another FWC! Of course, I drove up to say hello. Turns out, they are on the Wander the West forum too! I parked two spots over from them in the small barebones campground, and we did a bit of exploring down to the overlook and had some wonderful chats that evening. Just when I start to get despondent about life on the road, I meet amazing people out there!

Pugsly used to be so photogenic. You can see the other FWC camper there in the background!


Argos and I went exploring and found the cliff edge for some amazing views of Cathedral Valley


Pretty spot to camp for the night.


The dogs were not cooperating for picture-taking. Apparently, something elsewhere was far more interesting.


The view was amazing.


The rocky outcroppings out there looked rather flat when I first arrived. As the sun lowered, the shadows caught up, and gave definition to these structures. Lighting has such an amazing effect on view, perspective, appearance.




I got these photos with my little Lumix point and shoot! Not too shabby!


The dogs weren’t terribly impressed, but they did seem to like it up there.


We had some nice evening clouds.


and a lovely sunrise the next morning.



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