Oct 20 : VotG still

Oct 20 : VotG still

Red dust everywhere.
I moved to the lower circle. I think it’s larger and more off the road too.
I’d like to build a fire pit, but where?

Sunrise in the desert is one of my favorite places


The desert is very prickly and full of defensive weapons.
The desert doesn’t care either, and can be as deadly as the ocean if you aren’t careful.


With the exception of taking the dogs on a little walk, I mostly spent the day reading “Travels with Charlie“. It was nice to do not much of anything. My two goals for this trip were to get some perspective and to re-learn how to relax. My daily life has a routine that includes a fair amount of spacing out, but not much actual relaxing. In my younger days, I could easily lie in bed and read until hunger forced me out of bed. Then I’d eat, or bathroom, and go back to my book. Now, I tend to get antsy. I blame the internet. JK! ha! Anyway, being on the road, without connectivity or many “normal” conveniences or distractions, makes me have to learn how to interact with this ever-changing day-to-day, and some of that includes ‘being in the moment’, as cliché as that phrase is – it’s apt.

It’s wonderful.

Good night


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