Oct 19: Valley of the Gods

Oct 19: Valley of the Gods

At the Goblin Valley group campsite, a couple of tent campers showed up, and three RVs. Everyone was great. We all had similar experiences with a cranky Ranger at the gate, and were happy to be parked.


Goblin Valley is great!


You can drive up to a lookout point, and then clamber down in amongst the goblins! Argos and I took a walk down there, and I carried Pugsly down for a brief photo shoot.


She’s a pin-up model!


On my way to Valley of the Gods, I went through Hanksville. You know what is near Hanksville? Mars!
Well, the Mars Research Station, anyway. I didn’t travel that far!


The facility is closed to visitors after Sept 1, but four mile drive out was worth the time. It really is other-worldly there.


On the drive, I went through Glen Canyon area. Obviously, I was having fun with the Panorama feature on my camera 🙂


Now I’m at Valley of the Gods at our group campsite I picked over the hot summer. It’s lovely here!

This is the view out my camper door.


The doggies know that we’ve reached a destination, and rest easily.


I just realized that the meetup isn’t scheduled for people to arrive until the 21st, not the 20th as I’d been mis-remembering. I meant to get here a day early to secure the spot, guess I am two days early. That’s okay, I kind of want some alone downtime after having been around people the past few days.

“Star light, star bright, first star I’ve seen tonight….”
Usually wished upon Venus, like most kids who wished upon the first bright object in the night sky.
I wonder what I wished for when I was a kid?

Good night.



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