Back on the Road! (almost)

Back on the Road! (almost)

A few excellent things happened the past couple of days:
I downloaded the photos off my camera including some images of the beautiful full moon my first night in Tucson

I got to visit with some dear old friends, one of whom was performing past night.

I got to help my wonderful hosts decorate for a very Southwestern Christmas

they also fed me amazing tacos with fish they caught in Mexico,

and the Endodontist said I’m good to go!

He is certain that I had a blocked salivary gland, which explains the swelling and tenderness and lack of toothache.

Argos approves!

One of the most important things this dental-wait did for me was to keep me focused on the now. Because I had no choice but to wait this out, I enjoyed my time with my friends and where I was “stuck” and didn’t fret or look ahead. Since I have few solid plans, I was able to relax into this twist without much difficulty.

Tomorrow, we set off for souther Arizona!

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