Oct 8 : Yachats, Oregon

Oct 8 : Yachats, Oregon

My drive up the coast from the Oregon Dunes was mystical. I got up pre-sunrise, as usual, and the light was just peeking out when I got going.




Visiting old friends but one of their dogs doesn’t get along with Argos, so we are driveway campering. One thing about the coast is that it’s damp. Wet and dirty -which means the camper is constantly damp and dirty.


I know not to go to close to the edge, but I didn’t know the waves are called “sneaker waves” that leap up onto the rocks potentially to pull a person back into the icy waters. It makes the ocean sound devious


Did you know that this is something of which to be careful? Perhaps I have misplaced all of my bear fears!


We drove up to Cape Perpetua and took a little walk at the top near sunset time.


It’s been really wonderful reconnecting with my old friend. We met in Seattle in 1993, lost touch for many years, got back in touch via Facebook and he and his family have visited me a few times over the past years. It was my turn!

Seeing how youthful friends grow and change, and how their lives change, and meeting the people they have around them currently is always fascinating to me. I have re-met past young-acquaintances and found them to have become interesting and intelligent adults. My Yachats friend has built a comfortable life for himself – and now wife and son – over the intervening years and I am so happy for him.


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