Getting ready

Getting ready

I’ve got two weeks before my job ends, and then it’s a few days of taking piles of stuff to donate and cleaning the cottage rental.

My latest questions to myself have been “what is the best laundry detergent to take with me?” and “how many rolls of toilet paper should I bring?

When I figure out the answers to those intense questions, I’ll let you know!

I did finally (I hope) figure out my potty situation. The camper came with a Thetford Porta Potti

and I used it for about 7 months before I got tired of dumping it in my toilet at home. I bought a Luggable Loo to try out.

The first ‘shake down run’ with it was my month-long trip in October. Kinda silly to try out something new on a month trip, but I figured it couldn’t be too bad. And it wasn’t. I used kitty litter and trash bags or the Reliance Doody bags and it worked great … except for how much space it took up in my little pop-up camper.

Since I’d commandeered the original spot the Porta-potti lived behind the door with a little three drawer dresser, I found that it fit nicely under the table. When I rolled the seat over to make the ‘second bed’ (or more comfortable reading area/stealth napping spot), the little potti stayed underneath handily.

The Loo, however, with it’s taller 5 gallon bucket, did not fit handily under the rolled out couch, so it either got moved to the open area and completely in the way, or was set on top of my ‘dresser’. But who wants their toilet perched with potential for getting knocked down by an exuberant dog? Not me.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to locate a 3.5 gallon bucket, as rumor had it that the lid size was the same. After two 3 gallon buckets didn’t work, I found a 3.5… but the Loo lid did not fit that either. I now had three smaller buckets, and one tall Loo.

After some considering, I decided that since I only go into my clothing once a day, those items didn’t need a fancy schmancy drawer, so the dresser got ditched for three 9 liter rectangular storage boxes and the Loo regained the original Potti spot behind the door.

Peace was restored and my toilet issues resolved.

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