260 miles in two days

260 miles in two days

I thought about making it in three days, but the beautiful spot I boondocked at Roosevelt Lake was marred by the proximity of the highway. It is a quiet highway, but nonetheless, a decently traveled road with views of my campsite.

My first night was initially difficult. Pugsly had a little mishap in the truck. I took her pillow out and washed it in the lake, then set it on the truck hood to dry. Her bottom was kinda poopy and messy, so I took some wipes to clean her up. Once I get the top up and the dogs inside the camper, I tried to put the doggie diapers on her. The size was right, but her shape isn’t. Diapers aren’t meant for breadloaf-shaped dogs. They kinda work, but I’ll get her the next size up and try those.

It always takes me a day or two to get re-used to the small space. I set my phone down, but didn’t realize the sink lid was open and nearly drowned my phone. Luckily, I snatched it up almost as soon as it touched the water and put it upside-down on the carpeted floor. The phone was fine, but it bothered me. If it dies, I have to find a Verizon store and then I have to shell out a bunch of money for a new one.

After the excitement with all the poop and the phone, I decided I wanted to relax with some hot chocolate. I boiled water, and mixed up a mug from the hot-chocolate-mix-jar my neighbor made for me as a going-away gift. I had a few sips, set it down, and proceeded to knock it over. Since my parking wasn’t totally level, the drink ran towards the door-end of the camper, which was good, because that is the stove and a backstop (vs if it had run the other direction, it would have gone down the side between the counter and the front of the camper. Much more difficult to clean up).

After cleaning up that mess, I decided that I was very fatigued and should just climb into bed.

This morning was probably a wondrous sunrise, but I needed my sleep. I got up after the most brilliant colors had faded, but the sky was still soft pastels and the muted colors over the lake were a sweet surprise.

After the dogs were fed and while I was making breakfast, I heard some peculiar noises on the roof. There were around 10 Great-Tailed Grackles congregating on my camper rooftop. I didn’t mind the company, but they flew away when I opened the door to get a better look.

I packed up and got on the road, only to find a detour that took me about an hour and a half out of the way on my route to Tucson. Luckily, I wasn’t in a hurry and enjoyed the backway from Roosevelt Lake south.

My photos are on my camera and the cable is in the camper. Since I’m currently luxuriating at a friend’s house in Tucson, photos will have to wait. Today Argos met some pigs, and Pugsly had a minor prickly interaction with a small cholla but also got to get some great new smells.

All in all, not terribly bad first two days on the road.

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