Security or Freedom?

Security or Freedom?

(Osceola National Forest, Florida. Hog Pen Campground, on Ocean Pond)

There is a quote that is usually attributed to Ben Franklin that most of us have heard in context of political discussion, โ€œthose who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither.”

The other day I was driving along thinking about the prospect of getting a jobby job vs continuing on the road. I need to have income within a month or two or I’ll use up my savings and I don’t want to do that.

(Osceola National Forest, Florida. Hog Pen Campground, on Ocean Pond)

Staying on the road doesn’t necessarily mean giving up security, but it does make it more difficult. And I am not necessarily against settling down in one location – I just haven’t yet found that place that clicks with me yet. Taking a jobby job does mean giving up my freedom, if not my liberty exactly. I know that the author of that quote wasn’t talking about my little life, but a greater Mill-ian idea of ‘liberty’ in context of one’s relationship to the government, but I still think I can stretch it to apply to my situation.

(dead jellyfish, Hilton Head, SC)

My IT skill set makes for a little more difficult for remote work, as I’m no coder. Still kicking my younger self for not following that path further. I really enjoyed coding once upon a time, but it’s come so amazingly far since then. Man, I sound old. Ha!

The idea of “follow your dreams” is a nice one, but it’s also – like most things – a “what is most important” question. Since I’m not wealthy, do I have to choose between poor but flexible, or salaried but cubicled?

(backyard swamp, Bluffton, SC)

I set out on this no-destination journey without much of a plan, and to figure it out as I go along. I’m at the “well, I should start thinking about income” part of the journey now.

On this trip I’ve had so many people say to me how they wish they could live on the road like I am. It’s definitely do-able, and I’ve plenty of full-time camper friends who are employed and making this lifestyle work.

I’ve never been good at answering the ever-asked “what do you want” question. However, the “what do you need” question is easier: I need a place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear, community and love in my life, my doggies, and gas in the truck.

(Pugsly. Bluffton, SC)

I’ve got a jobby job offer, but it’s not ideal. That said, a job in the hand….
A friend of mine wrote after leaving a job that tore her up that she’s done taking jobs out of fear, and “lesson learned for me – choose a job with my heart, not with my brain.”

So the persistent question: how to make it work?

8 thoughts on “Security or Freedom?

  1. Have you considered camping jobs? We meet a lot on the road who enjoy the independence of working at parks or commercial campgrounds. Some are paid, some for utilities. Jalama Beach CA is always looking for people. I’ve heard there are websites advertising vacancies. I even met a single woman who works at Amazon shipping centers for a couple of months, then on the road before another center. As they say, google it! ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

    1. Hi Pam and Pugs!

      I have considered those, and looked into ‘workcamping’quite a bit, but I’m not sure I could make ends meet working at the parks. They tend to pay minimum wage, if at all. Amazon is a possibility. There are ways to cobble an income together, but I’d rather have something more solid if possible.

  2. Many of life’s decisions are tough ones, but you have the skills to figure it out on what best works for you. You, Ladybug, will do well. Our continued best wishes.

  3. Hey Dawn, Getting the occasional jobby job is part of being on the road and adds to the story. If it’s not “permanent”, you are still “on the road” even though you are stopped for a while. I’m sure you understand that being on the road is a lot more than just keeping the wheels rolling. J

    1. Hi John!
      I have a difficult time with standing still for too long. ๐Ÿ™‚
      But yeah, it is necessary. Lame. I need to figure out a way to be independently wealthy.
      Maybe it’s time to start playing the lottery. ha!

      1. Won’t you need to get a job to get some money to play the lottery to become rich? ๐Ÿ™‚

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