Update through Montana and Wyoming

Update through Montana and Wyoming

The dogs enjoyed viewing the Beartooths from afar while we were in Wyoming!

After a lovely rain storm and overnight with this view, I drove to Elkhorn Hot Springs, just outside of the teeny town of Polaris, Montana. The folks were nice, but the hot tub pool was being cleaned when I arrived, and wouldn’t be ready for many hours. 

I decided to set up camp there anyway, even with the $25 price tag (which included soak time). While there, I took advantage of the showers, did some dishes, and got some WiFi at their restaurant. The hot tub pool had filled up enough by early evening that a few of us soaked while sitting on the bottom and defending ourselves from bitey horseflies. 

After some good morning soaking, I continued on my quest to escape the heat, but first wanted to go to Ewam and Garden of Thousand Buddhas in Arlee, MT

I didn’t walk the circle though because it was too warm to leave the dogs for much longer than the 15 minutes that I did just walking from the parking lot to the mandala, taking a few pics, and walking back. 

My dad would have loved this place. 

Sometimes finding a place for the night is a bit trial and error.
I found this lovely spot right on a river, tho too warm since it was getting later in the day I knew it’d cool down in a few hours.

But while I was having a late lunch, a train went by on the other side of the river and I knew we’d get waken up by it sometime in the wee hours of the morning, so I packed us up and moved along. 

The place I found, just east of the Idaho border, was also lovely, but in the deep dark woods with a thick underbrush that gave me the willies.

It was a really pretty spot, and I slept well listening to the creek below. 

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