Onward to Spokane!

Onward to Spokane!

One of the things I realized while boondocking in Montana was that I’ve done a lot of alone-time campering over the past few years and right now I have a unique opportunity to visit some old friends. As well, this is my “finding home tour” and that isn’t just about location – community is a giant slice of that pie chart. That’s when I decided to not continue north to Glacier National Park and instead head West to friends. 

On that idea, I headed to Spokane to stay with friends. We headed to my friend’s parents house for dinner, and they set us to work.

It was great helping family work on their house. They were filling in a walkway with pretty stones. As a reward we got to eat delicious just plucked tomatoes from their garden.

We had a night out the next night, and this was our view from the restaurant. There’s a river and waterfalls that run through the heart of Spokane. It’s a really lovely city!

My friends took me to feed a trash eating goat, who has been eating trash since the World’s Fair was in Spokane in 1974

and we walked around downtown during sunset. A lot of the structures still stand from the 1974 World’s Fair. I think this was a giant tent, with exhibitors inside. Since then, it lost its canvas, and is now this interesting sculpture.

On my last day, we visited the lush gardens, including a beautiful Japanese Garden

and Argos, and my truck, got a bath at the same place!

Contrary to how happy Argos looks in that pic, he was definitely not a happy doggie!

It was great staying with my Spokane friends and getting a tour of the city!
Next time I visit, I’ll have to take my kayak out on the river!

4 thoughts on “Onward to Spokane!

  1. The sculpture/tent was the US Pavilion during the World’s Fair and there was an IMAX Theatre underneath the canvas as part of the exhibit. The clock tower that’s in the park was part of the Great Northern Railway Depot that was torn down to make way for the fair.

  2. Wish I had known you were here in my home town. Been reading all I can find from you. I also have a Tacoma & 4WC. Would Luv to know why you chose the camper & how you like it, but can’t find a posting on that. If there is one, could you please direct me to it. Thanks for your postings. Very interesting & Luvthe photos. Keep on Truckn.

    1. Hey Dale!

      Oh! Well, heck, I’m sure I’ll go back there soon – it’s a neat city I’d like to check out more! 😀

      I haven’t yet written a post on that, but thanks for the suggestion – I’ll do so shortly!

      Thank you for your kind words!!!


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