Old friends

Old friends

After I left Spokane, I continued on my friend visit adventure and headed West to see some folks I knew when I lived in Seattle 1990 – 1994. 

Many years ago, they moved just outside the small Washington town of Rockport, Wa. in the North Cascades, on the edge of the North Cascades National Park. 

I got set up out front, nestled amongst the flower beds. 

Then the dogs and and I took a hike on a trail just up the road

and hiked up to visit some giant, mossy trees…

and up further to a beautiful waterfall

I kept expecting dinosaurs to step out of the mossy ferny woods. 

That evening, while Rick was still at work, Samantha and I grilled up some chicken and Sully patiently waited for nibbles.

The following day, Sully and I helped with some yard work. Their wood chipper can’t handle larger branches, so I clipped the branches off of larger branches to be used for kindling.  Argos was lazing about somewhere being totally unhelpful.

Samantha works as a museum curator for the National Parks Service, and took me on a tour of the grounds, including meeting the pack horses! There are locations the Rangers go in the Northern Cascades that can’t be reached by vehicle, so they load up these horses and hike in the old fashioned way. 

It was really wonderful reconnecting with my friends. There’s something truly special about these connections, new and old. As I get older, I recognize the importance of community more and more, and newly value these friendships.

said goodbye to my friends and to the chickens and promised it wouldn’t be another 20 years between visits! 

10 thoughts on “Old friends

  1. Im jealous. What a beautiful setting to catch up with old friends. Safe travels & keep on truckin.

  2. Go just down the road to the Organic Ice Cream stand (by all the flower fields) and get a double scoop of their chocolate-raspberry.

  3. Ron — Most of those fields are now blueberries, I believe – including u-pick.

    Dawn, you’re special, and it was marvelous to have you as a most considerate guest. I just hope we were able to convince you that this would be a great area for you to settle in. It would be great to have more people of our own species living nearby.


    1. Rick!

      Community is what it’s all about, and I have that in the PNW most definitely.
      It would be wonderful to live close to you again. <3
      You've definitely planted a seed!


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