One thing about being on the road is that you often don’t have an accurate timeline of your travels. You might find an amazing spot in a rainforest and decide to stay several days instead of your originally planned two nights. The drive towards the next location might have construction and take hours longer than expected, so you stop many miles sooner than what you’d thought. You see a mystery dirt road off to the West and decide to go explore. In other words, it can be pretty unplanned and open to what new comes up in the moment.

(Lake Crescent (not Lake Pleasant as previously attributed!), Washington)

Adding in visits to friends is complicated. When friends understand your itinerant, exploring, and time-free ways and are flexible, it’s very helpful!

(Dismal Nitch, Washington)

You have a unique opportunity to explore beautiful areas during this time. One day you realize that one friend’s location is far more functional for campering than another because of weather forecasts or one’s lack of off-street parking for your rig, it would be a shame to push past fascinating locations.

It’s absolutely wonderful visiting with friends, and I value that time immensely. Providing me with your adjustability to my non-schedule has enabled me to visit some amazing places, and also visit with you!

(Marrowstone Island, Washington) 

So to all my friends who have been so awesome with my screwy non-schedule – thank you! 
You make this adventure so much more rich!

(Yachats, Oregon)

11 thoughts on “Flexible

  1. Looks like you’ve found some beautiful scenery!

    (“Dismal Nitch”, you gotta love it!)

  2. Love your updates – each one lets us know you continue to be well.

    Again – loved your visit and of course you have a blank check for returning.

    Rick * Sam

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