Yachats, Corvallis, Yachats again

Yachats, Corvallis, Yachats again

I need to set some kind of routine for writing blog posts as I seem to be way behind in my updates! I’m currently in Enterprise, Oregon – at the NorthEastern corner of Oregon – visiting friends, but I need to update y’all about my wonderful time in Yachats and Corvallis! 

One of the things that’s impressed upon me during this “Finding Home Tour” and visiting friends, is how many people I have in the Pacific NorthWest. I lived in Seattle in 1990-1994 and still have friends there. A lot of friends from all over the U.S. have migrated to places like Portland and coastal Washington, with newer friends in Corvallis, Bend, and also here where I currently am staying. Community is so important, and I’m so incredibly lucky to have such great people in my life. 

I visited my Yachats friends on my first round of no-destination adventuring almost two years ago! This time I arrived earlier in the year so it was really lovely weather most of the time. (it was October last time. Already getting into Fall and chilly and wet.) 

A few days after my Yachats arrival, we went on a local “farm tour”. It was a great way to get familiar with the area,  meet locals, and get some tasty fresh food. 

That evening, we stopped to watch the sunset over the ocean. It’s really amazingly beautiful. 

The next day or so, we went for a kayak up the Yachats River

It was a quiet, pretty ride and we saw an otter, some kind of duck with ducklings, and an eagle.

I smashed my hand in my friend’s car door the day before, and it was still bothering me. My hand started hurting enough that it was tough to hold the paddle. Our friend happened to have a rope and she towed me most of the way back! Good thing my Aquaglide inflatable kayak is so light!

The sun was getting low when we returned, and the smoke from northern fires made the sky hazy. 

Since I stayed in Yachats for almost a week, we were able to pack in a lot of fun stuff. One day we went up to the next town over, Waldport, and I learned some about crabbing! I really want to go crabbing now. I even bought a little measuring tool that shows the length a crab has to be in order to legally keep it. Also, you have to toss back any female crabs. 

It was really pretty up there, off the Alsea river that runs through Waldport and into the ocean, like the Yachats river does. 

I left Yachats with the plan of returning once I left my visit in Corvallis. It’s a quick and very pretty hour or so drive to Corvallis, so definitely something worth repeating. 

I stayed on my friend Otmar’s property on the south-eastern side of town. He has a community “grazing maze” of blackberries and raspberries you can walk through and snack. 

His neighbors have a bunch of critters, including sheep and goats and ducks.
This guy greeted me each morning.

While I was there, Otmar and some friends were working on their “stretch VW van” projects!
This one is Megan’s, and Cary is there helping.

The blue here is the front donor for Otmar’s stretch, and the back-end donor with the pop-up is in the second pic. 

Since they were all working on projects, I took the opportunity to lay some cushy, and insulating, floor down in my camper. Measure twice, cut once! 

It came out really good! I’m so pleased with it! 

An old friend from high school happens to also live in Corvallis, so Otmar and I met up with him, his fiancé, and a couple of friends for dinner, then we all went back to his place and hung out while he practiced his Neal Young for a performance he had the following night. He’s really good! 

After a four day visit, I left Corvallis and went back to Yachats for a few more days. 

We did some woodsy hiking…

and walked across the street from my friend’s house, and down to the beach…

where Argos made a new friend and zoomed around the beach.

The doggies got some sunning in while watching the waves. 

It was really wonderful spending time in Yachats and in Corvallis with such amazing people, but it was time to move on. 

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