Yesterday was my last day at work. I am now officially jobless. I spent today lazing around, continuing my Great Purge of Things, and met a coworker for lunch.

The first part was easy. Woke up late (around 07:00), made coffee, and watched an episode of “Vikings” and snuggled with the doggies in bed. The second part, the Great Purge continuation, was more difficult. The plan is to donate or sell anything that is not immediately useful or incredibly sentimental. Both those criteria take a lot of effort.

“Immediately useful” is an idea that is very easy to rationalize. This is why we all have junk drawers in our kitchen. It’s immediately useful… in the near future. The trick with Great Purges is to make sure that there is no ‘future’ or ‘one of these days’ qualifier. If it is not immediately useful right now, it goes into the giveaway box.

“Incredibly sentimental” is definitely more subjective. The teddy bear that my mom’s friend made for me when I was 8 months old is incredibly sentimental and goes into my storage for the time being. The plastic Pokemon character ring I pulled out of a cupcake yesterday at my going away party at work does not make the cut.


However, what to do with these wine glasses I’ve been carting around for the past 10 years? Writing that makes it seem ridiculous. I found them at a yard sale and decided, in a terribly hopeless romantic, not punk rock at all, kind of way (and please don’t tell anyone I told you this) I decided that when I found my love, he would get one and I have the other. We would drink wine and have these two symbols between us.
Sappy, right? And yet, I have packed them with me for many years.
Too many years.
It’s time to let the sappy go to someone else.
(Seriously, please don’t tell anyone about this. It’s kind of embarrassing)

wine glasses
wine glasses

I met a coworker – an ex-coworker – for lunch today. I’ve said goodbyes to so many people over my lifetime that I’ve gotten a bit immune to it. It is a bit wistful to have these partings, and there will be more over the next couple of weeks. I’m sadly used to it, and find myself looking forward to my leaving moreso with each goodbye. That’s not to say I don’t feel a sorrow to leave my friends, but the future unknowns are exciting and are a stronger draw than any sadnesses of yesterday.

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