Sometimes you can go home again

Sometimes you can go home again

I went back to Carbondale after my fiasco in Terre Haute to spend more time with my mom and since it was no longer freakishly cold, I was able to visit some of my favorite haunts like Giant City State Park.

First, Argos and I climbed up to look out over Shelter 1. This is a favorite hang-out spot, and also where a lot of folks practice rappelling.

It was a gray day, and my photos aren’t fabulous, but at least you can get an idea of my old stomping grounds.

The City:

Over the years, this area lost the nostalgic hold it had over me, and became current in my mind. This visit I spent enjoyable time fixing my mom and step-dad’s gate so that their littledog can’t squiggle underneath. I had to remove some old wood that was a temporary fix and kept breaking off. I installed some rubber pieces that move with the gate.

Helped mom ‘fix’ a hole in the old fence where Hula dog can escape

Visited with some people whom I love dearly, like my high-school ‘adopted dad’ who is now in his mid 90’s. When I met Mr. Juul I had a blue mohawk, wore ripped up jeans and combat boots, and had a pretty healthy disrespect for authority figures (well, some things don’t change too much 😉 ) Unlike most of the adults in my life then, he saw past all of that, and simply loved me. He would greet me with his thick Norwegian accent and give me a big bear hug. He still does, although now I have to kneel down next to him to get my hugs.

Got some nice hiking in with Argos

I got to help as a “technology consultant” to my mom and step-dad on the B&B they are currently building out, have some good meals, share stories, spend great time with my mom, and reconnect with old friends.

If the definition of “home” is where you feel most comfortable and at ease, then I went home again for a short while.

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  1. When my nephew dyed his hair green I took him to the barber. My bro thanked me. Oh, Stevie now is a CEO and has 500 employees under him. We all need time to grow.

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